SPMC-PSPVU Celebrates Patient Safety Week

Khadji A. Ulangkaya, RN     |     Published: Monday, 06 August 2018

PR47 photo1Participants of the poster and slogan making contest with the Board of Judges and PSPVU staff.On 18 - 22 June 2018, the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) Patient Safety and Pharmacovigilance Unit (PSPVU) celebrated the hospital patient safety week with the theme Patient Safety Starts with Me.

The highlights of the week-long celebration were the poster and slogan making contest, photo collage contest, quiz bee, patients and watchers empowerment, patient safety exhibit and patient safety seminar. These were actively participated by representatives from all units, areas, sections and departments of SPMC. The main goal of these activities is to increase awareness through the sharing of ideas and best practices across all departments.

On 18 June 2018, the event kicked off with the announcement of schedule of activities during flag ceremony followed by the slogan and poster making contest in the afternoon. On the second day, a tense competitive atmosphere filled the Mahogany Room as intellectual representatives from various units and departments slugged it out in a quiz bee. Two separate categories for nurses and doctors had tie breaking questions to declare a winner.

Posting of photo collage entries in the PSPVU Facebook page started the third day of the competition. This was an online poll where netizens had the power to choose the winner. Along with materials about the importance of patient safety, poster and slogan contest entries were posted in the Patient Safety Exhibit held at SPMC main lobby. Leaflets containing patient’s bill of rights were also distributed to patients and watchers.

During the fourth day of the celebration, the PSPVU in collaboration with Infection Control and Prevention Unit (IPCU) and Nutrition and Dietetics Services brought the patient safety concept closer to patients and watchers by providing a series of lectures about patient safety goals, proper hand washing, food handling and nutrition. The event was held in the JICA main lobby and was attended by hundreds of patients and watchers wherein free rice porridges were given courtesy of Davao City Councilor Al Ryan Alejandre.

The fifth day of the weeklong celebration started with a seminar on Best Practices for Patient Safety wherein Mr. Rommel E, Alegre, EDL, MAN, RN, FPSQua from Makati Medical Center shared their best practices. The highlights of the seminar were the presentation of SPMC’s Patient Safety Manual and Patient Safety Monitoring Tool which brought about a very productive exchange of ideas between leaders of different departments and units in this institution.

The winners of the competitions were awarded during flag ceremony last 25 June 2018. The winners of the contests are as follows:

Poster and Slogan Making Contest

  • First place:      Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU): Jayson P. Bagana, RN and Ritzi T. Sumagang, RN
  • Second place: ENT – HNS: Dr. Zoilo Eljonem E. Espa, and Dr. Jhonnace Arianne F. Magan
  • Third place: Operating Room (Main): Sarah C. Butanas, RN and Cristian Irving M. Arnaiz, RN
  • Special award: Obstetrics & Gynecology: Dr. Shirley Kristine N. Ferolin

Quiz Bee: Nurses Category

  • First place:      Medical Ward: John Anthony N. Magallanes, RN
  • Second place: Pediatrics Ward: Leanna Ligutan, RN
  • Third place:     Children’s Cancer Institute: Nestle Rose S. Padpad, RN

Quiz Bee: Doctors Category

  • First place:      ENT-HNS: Shera Lim Elefante
  • Second place: General Surgery: Noe Abraham Paez
  • Third place:     Family Medicine: Francis Chris P. Dela Cruz

Photo Collage Contest

  • First place:      Pediatric Intensive Care Unit III
  • Second place: Operating Room Main/ Post Anesthesia Care unit
  • Third place:     Security Services
Participants of the Quiz Bee (Nurses category)Participants of the Quiz Bee (Nurses category)

Participants of the Quiz Bee (Doctors category)Participants of the Quiz Bee (Doctors category)

SPMC personnel supports patient safety awareness through signature campaign.SPMC personnel supports patient safety awareness through signature campaign.

Mr. Alegre (resource speaker) highlights best practices in the workplace.Mr. Alegre (resource speaker) highlights best practices in the workplace.