Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Rates and Fees

Updated January 15, 2022


 Rehabilitation Consultation  50.00
 Physical Therapy  150.00
 Occupational Therapy  150.00
 Physical Therapy Basic Rate Exercise with Modalities - IPD  200.00
 Occupational Therapy Basic RAte Exercise with Modalities - IPD  200.00

Philhealth Package

Z-MORPH Package (Mobility, Orthosis, Rehabilitation, Prosthesis Help) - ADULT 
 Foot or Symes or Ankle  15,000.00 each limb
 Foot or Symes or Ankle  15,000.00 each limb
 Z Benefit for children with mobility impairment 
 I. Upper Extremity Prosthesis 
 Shoulder disarticulation 132,300.00 each limb
 Above elbow  67,300.00 each limb
 Below elbow 47,300.00 each limb
 Finger glove (for 1 finger) 17,300.00  
 Hand glove (for more than 1 finger) 22,300.00  
 II. Lower Extremity Prosthesis
 Hip disarticulation (HD) 163,540.00 each limb
 Above knee or with knee disarticulation (AKKD) 61,940.00 each limb
 Below knee or ankle disarticulation 31,540.00 each limb
 Partial foot 26,540.00 each limb
 III. Lower Extremity Orthosis
 Talipes Equinovarus or clubfoot 17,860.00 each limb
 Ankle foot orthosis (AFO) 13,110.00 each limb
 Knee ankle foot orthosis (KAFO) 29,210.00 each limb
 Hip knee ankle foot orthosis (HKAFO) 50,810.00 each limb
 IV. Spinal Bracing or Orthosis 32,180.00  
Expanded ZMORPH - Prostheses/Orthoprostheses
 I. Prosthesis  
 Above knee or with knee disarticulation (AKKD) 75,000.00  each limb 
 Hip disarticulation (HD) 135,000.00  each limb 
 Below elbow (BE) 50,000.00  each limb 
 Above elbow (AE) 70,000.00  each limb 
 Van Ness Rotation Plasty 85,000.00  each limb 
 II. Ortho/Prostheses  
 Ankle foot 17,500.00 each limb
 III. Orthosis
 Knee ankle foot 35,000.00 each limb
 Hip knee ankle foot 80,000.00 each limb
 IV. Spinal Orthosis    
 Thoracolumbosacral 40,000.00  
 Lumbosacral 30,000.00  
 Cervicothoracic 45,000.00