Healthcare Center of Excellence


Assess the quality of service delivered to identify areas that need improvement

Ensure services are delivered in confirmance to all statutory and regulatory requirements

Communicate consistently and update the process ownders the findings and recoommends for corrective actions

Report Findings with analysis to the hospital management, administration, clinical departments and other divisions for planning and decision making for an outcome-oriented goal

Attain cost efficiency (Return of Investment) in delivering health care services


Quality of life (QOL) results from excellent, accessible and sustainable healthcare services.

Core Values of the Section
Good Governance

Consensus Oriented, Accountable, Transparent, Responsive, Equitable and Inclusive, Effective and Efficient, Follows the rule of Law and Participatory

Ethical-oriented principle

Commitment to Public Interest, Professionalism

Autonomy, Beneficence, Confidentiality, Fidelity, Justice, Nonmaleficience, Respect for Person, Sanctity of Life, Veracity