The ENT-HNS Clinic was originally known as the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat (EENT) Section of the Department of General Surgery in 1915, back when the hospital was once known as Davao Regional Hospital.

By 1984, this Section became a separate department, apart from the General Surgery, of the renamed Davao Regional Medical and Training Center.

This department has a 4-year ENT-HNS residency training program, first accredited by the Board of PBO-HNS Inc. on December 3, 1998.


We shall be an academically competent, globally-oriented and socially responsible center for ENT-HNS in the BIMP-EAGA region.

  • We will bring together an assembly of committed otolaryngologists.
  • We will provide comprehensive and dynamic residency training program set forth by the Philippine Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery.
  • We will continuously interlink with other institutions both local and foreign for updates on the different subspecialties and disciplines in ORL – HNS.
  • We will interact with other agencies to make the services of the specialty socially-relevant and accessible.
  • We will emphasize research as a tool for innovation and evidence-based on medical practice.