The Department of Internal Medicine was conceptualized when Dr. Teresita E. Perez, the founding Chairperson, came back from the United States of America after finishing her fellowship training in Cardiology. The department started its operations in 1960 with two residents, namely Dr. Claudio Bangoy and Dr. Divina Sitjar, back when Davao Medical Center (DMC) was situated where the Davao Mental Hospital is presently located. DMC, together with the Department of Internal Medicine, transferred to its present location and was later named Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC). It takes pride in being the first hospital outside Metro Manila to have an accredited training program in Internal Medicine.

The three-year residency training program of the Department of Internal Medicine has been accredited by the Philippine College of Physicians since 1965. So far, the Department has produced 130 graduates who mostly serve the people of Mindanao. At present, it has a total of 74 consultants and 32 residents serving patients in Mindanao.


As we pursue this vision, we will produce outstanding health professionals and significant ethical medical studies and researches through quality training and education programs – along with sustainable and viable resource management initiatives that could transcend economic, socio-cultural and political barriers – to ensure excellent, accessible and sustainable healthcare services.


To be East Asia’s Premier Medical Center, SPMC shall pursue excellent healthcare: an accessible and self-sufficient medical center that fosters excellence through credible and ethical linkages, along with lasting and viable economic and financial programs towards nurturing a timely healing environment that allows total and holistic care.