Promoting & maintaining a health & productive citizenry in the workplace.

  1. To conduct physical fitness & complete health evaluation/screening for pre-employment, licensure, insurance, compensation, job promotion /extension of service, on the job  school entrance forms &  other of  training,  screening at affordable cost.
  2. To promote preventive, promotive & other public health & wellness programs of the employees in the workplace.                   
  3. To provide laboratory & ancillary  examinations which are relevant to the workplace.
  4. To provide Episodic Health Examination, treatment, preventive services and referral to other specialties if necessary to senior citizen, emplyees and their dependents, beneficiaries of accredited  HMO’s, beneficiaries of OWWA package, walk-in patients of government & non-government employees.
  5. To provide counseling on healthy lifestyle, preventive medicine & safety in the workplace.