Southern Philippines Medical Center is mandated under Republic Act 9792 to provide tertiary level of promotive, curative, preventive, rehabilitive health care services and research, and to be equipped with state of the art equipment and facilities, complemtned by adequately trained and competent health human resources as appropriate for a licensed and accredited Level 3 health care facility.


World-class, service-oriented medical center leading in the provision of healthcare and training in Mindanao by 2022


Fueled by our shared commitment to ensure that Filipino people are at the best of health, we will:

  • Provide responsive health care services in Southern Philippines.
  • With the use of modern technologies, we will be at  the forefont of providing preventive, promotive, curative, palliative, and rehabilitative care across all age groups and ethnicities.
  • We shall strive to produce compassionate and outstanding health care professionals and staff committed to serve Southern Philippines while taking full responsibility for their professional development and just compensation.
  • Engage in ethical and medically relevant researches that will lead to local innovations and improve the quality of healthcare.
  • Establish linkages and networks that will help sustain and support institutional growth and contribute to improving health systems along the Southern Philippines corridor.
  • Finally, we will be accountable for providing a safe and  healthy environment for our clients, staff and the public through sound waste management and clean and green solutions

Core Values

COMPASSION (Kindness, Consideration, Concern, Sympathy, Empathy)
COMMITMENT (Vow/Pledge, Dedication, Faithfulness/Loyalty)
COMPETENCE (Expertise, Skill, Experience, Capability)
CREDIBILITY (Trustworthiness, Integrity, Sincerity, Reliability)
CO-RESPONSIBILITY (Treating each other like family, Assuming responsibility for each other)

Quality Policy

The Southern Philippines Medical Center is committed to provide its clients with excellent, sustainable and accessible health care services delivered in a timely manner by competent and compassionate staff through the full implementation of sound quality management systems.

We shall aim to continually improve our processes and service to exceed our clients' requirements and conform to all statutory and regulatory requirements.

SPMC Journey to island of good governance